I’ve increasingly become an outdoors enthusiast since moving to Treaty 1 territories, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This section will contain:

Canoe, hiking and bike routes

Tips and tools

– General reflections.


I hope to receive solo and tandem canoe instructor certification within the next two years, so I hope to document that journey as well.

I also play soccer and hockey so may offer some reflections on those sports. My current soccer team is Crescentwood Saturday Soccer Club, a broadly left-wing club founded in 1975 in Winnipeg built on principles of equal play for all, mutual aid, and “everybody working for the same goal, and everybody having a share in the rewards.”

I also grew up on an airfield called the Montreal Soaring Council and started flying gliders solo at the age of 16. The Council was pivotal for me, so I occasionally write about the club and flight generally.

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