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My partner Kelsey and I went on a beautiful four day canoe-camping trip in Treaty 2 territories, Nopiming Provincial Park, from Tulabi Falls to McGregor Lake and back over the May long weekend, 2017.

Here are my Top 10 pictures from our first two days on the water.

Stay tuned as we are hoping to post our first video, and it’s about this trip!

We set out late on Friday morning from Tulabi Falls to warm early-spring weather:

Kelsey loves her maps, and the sky in this image is lovely:

We reached our first campsite (Site #7) in Elbow Lake in the afternoon. Here is me geeking out with my fire-building method, which entails creating piles of various categories from fire-staring fuels like dry leaves and moss, building out to thicker kindling and finally to thick branches and logs:

The sunset on our first evening was absolutely remarkable:

For breakfast, we cooked some oatmeal that Kelsey had weighed out and pre-mixed with cinnamon. We then sprinkled dried cranberries, almond flakes and pumpkin seeds over it. It’s one of our favourites and great for a cool spring morning:

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