My name is Matthew Brett and River Left aims to bring politics and the natural world together.

River Left Politics

I post critical analysis on current events, grassroots organizing and politics. I also share my “Dissident Letters” project, an ongoing series of letters exchanged with grassroots organizers.

I also strive to make River Left a resource for grassroots organizers, with a Tools & Resources section that has practical sources for political organizing.

Alternative Source on the Recreational Outdoors

Many sources on recreational outdoor activity tend to ignore politics, or promote problematic views on around nationalism and tourism.

River Left seeks to address this gap by centering Indigenous voices and providing an alternative source for recreational canoe, bike and hike routes (principally in Manitoba), equipment reviews, Tips & Tools – from an alternative perspective.

If you, your destination, service or product would like to be featured on River Left or if you have ideas, please send me an email or reach me on Twitter, or Facebook.

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